Exotic Swimwearthe concept created for our brand.

Furio is a journey in time towards the ” Golden Years ” of Mediterranean summer fashion (Our so-called Glory Years), represented by a traveler arriving in the mid-1960s at a Resort in the Caribbean city of San Juan, Puerto Rico, in search of new experiences.

Its European outfit of classic and elegant cuts begins to be combined with the colors, organic elements, and accessories typical of the region’s Lifestyle, generating a strong Latin accent, and beginning our Exotic Swimwear® style.

Author’s designs inspired by the Latin American nature, Mediterranean cut of good fit, a meticulous confection and details in copper, give like result an exotic product focused to the market of design, and clients attentive to the last tendencies, who consider that to arrive at a swimming pool , beach, or outdoor cocktail should be in style.

Over the years we have grown, disembarking with our own stores in important Shoppings, prestigious multi-brand stores, and recently in 5-star hotels.

Today we have become an elegant brand ” Water friendly ” with clothes, accessories, and footwear, both for Summer, and Winter, and our original swimsuits are a reference of the segment “Tailor Swimsuits” South America.